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Monday, August 3rd, 2020 2:44 PM

unable to receive a confirmation code to verify my phone number

Hi.  I am unable to receive a confirmation code to verify my Consumer Cellular phone number.
Is SimpliSafe not able to communicate with Consumer Cellular phones?

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4 years ago

Hi all,

While we are continuing to look into this issue, at this point, we believe that what is most likely occurring is that the text messages are getting caught up in T-Mobile's Email to SMS gateway spam filter.

Regarding the Push Notification issue that you seem to be having, while the Activity alerts for both arming and disarming of your system will come through immediately, the Alarm alerts will only come through once the system has entered Alarm mode and the Siren has started to blare. At this time there are no alerts for the Entry delay having been triggered.

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Please don't say in your responses it is a T-Mobile issue.  We have Sprint and cannot verify and as you read other answers from customers they mention multiple different carriers. When you say your working on T-Mobile does that mean only T-Mobile and you're ignoring the rest of us with other carriers that don't work either?

Sitting here on vacation with our friends with CPI showing us their dog, the backyard, and their brother coming over to feed the dog, talking to them over the camera and they just tapped to unlock. Making us question our system and we can't even get texts. The app won't notify me in the middle of the night.  We use do not disturb. Because unfortunately you aren't the only app our phone and we can't be woken up all night long by different app notifications. Please fix the text and tell us you are working on more than just T-Mobile

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Same here, Sprint service, on vacation and no texts or verification.  Called Simpli and told to remove number and add back...pretty feeble attempt of a fix and of course no fix.  He said if that doesn't work for me to contact my provider to see if they are blocking number.  He did end call with have a blessed day which was nice lol.  

$24.99 a month and the customer is to solve the problem....

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4 years ago

Your excuse makes NO SENSE.

Why do people with other carriers have this problem?

Just 3 posts above there is a person with Verizon who has this problem.

Stop charging people MORE for something they CAN'T USE

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4 years ago

Same issue here (iPhone Verizon), I bought a second system for my vacation house and I can not validate my phone number, which makes zero sense to me, I added the new system to my existing account, I get text alerts just fine from my original home system, but when I tried to activate text notifications for my new system at the vacation house, it is requesting that I input the validation code. I have tried resending the code numerous times and not receiving any validation texts. Not sure why I need to "revalidate' my phone number, when my phone number is already validated in the system and linked to my account.

The push notifications does nothing, I have always had the push notifications activated.

Please help SS and fix this issue, I need the text notifications for the vacation house, I get tons of push notifications in my phone, almost too many, so I generally ignore them.

Also, SS can you post the phone number that you send the validation codes from please? Want to check my blocked list and make sure that number is not on the blocked list.

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4 years ago

I have the same problem - on Verizon...all the delete - add - delete had no effect but I had a SS tech guy set up a workaround using my cell number (not a smartphone) @vzwpix.com  -  it worked for alarm notifications but not for doorbell alerts.

  I still cannot receive a code to verify my cell number which has worked fine with SS for about 6 yrs and then stopped working about 3-4 weeks ago .  John

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2 years ago

Mint mobile isn't even an option...

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@bobby​ Smart Alerts through SMS uses your cell provider's web-to-text gateway. Unfortunately, not all providers have one.

But if you have a smartphone, we would suggest enabling Push Notifications through the SimpliSafe app instead. Those alerts come through the app directly, so you might even get the alerts quicker.

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@davey_d​ Can you tell if this web-to-text gateway is available on google fi and how can i enable it ? i am having same issue and not able to get sms alerts. on call support at SS did nothing but just restart system and reinstall app. nothing worked. 

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