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Monday, July 13th, 2020 2:46 AM

Two Protected Locations: How to delete/remove one of them?

Hello everyone,

 New SS user here and it clearly shows as I somehow have two protected locations under my account. When I initially set up all the intrusion devices I was using the Keypad to pair and activate. Then when it came to the indoor camera the instruction booklet prompted me to download the app and prepare set them up from there.

  I may have overlooked a step during that process as I realized until after all was said and done that I had two separate locations: One for my intrusion devices and the other for the cameras I had set up.

  I have since then removed the cameras from one location and set them up under the original location where I set up the intrusion devices this way everything is consolidated under the app, web app, etc. So now the other location is just sitting there under my account.

  Does anyone know if I can get rid of the second location, since now I don't have any devices linked to it?

Appreciate all your help!



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4 years ago

@slabrador you can't delete a location, however, SS support can suppress it for you so it doesn't show.  I had SS2, then SS3 and had the same issue. Called in and they did fix it so now only my one active location shows.
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