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Thursday, March 19th, 2020 9:03 AM

Trapped in my own home!!

I went to let my dog out at 4am. The key pad wouldn't light up or do anything. I tried typing in my pin anyway and then let my dog out. Of course my alarm went off. I received a call from the monitoring service and they accepted my password. I asked if they could turn the alarm off since my key pad wasn't working. She said no and recommend I try the app. I opened the app, but it wouldn't turn the alarm off. I asked if there was any other way. She only recommend I either upgrade or speak with technical support, which didn't open until 9am. Keep in mind I'm running around on my underwear with my base station compressed into a pillow trying not to wake my neighbors. I tried taking the batteries out of the key pad and putting them back - nope. I tried unplugging the base station - nope. It wasn't until I got a screwdriver, open up the base station and took out the batteries did the alarm stop. The monitor support recommend I call technical support when they open. I asked if I could leave and she said I might still get calls to confirm it was me. I asked if I missed a call is there a way not to send a response team at until I could get my alarm fixed. She said she couldn't guarantee that. Ugh!!! I was literally trapped in my home. I let her go. I ended up going on the app and upgrading my monitoring plan which finally let me turn my alarm to off. This was super annoying for 4am. My key pad is only a year old if that. I'm not sure I'm even going to keep my system now considering this fiasco. Simplisafe better right this wrong or they've lost my business.

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4 years ago

Sounds like you needed new batteries in your keypad.

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I had replaced the batteries recently. I called tech support and they told me to try the batteries from the base station. It worked. The tech was wonderful. She sent me extra batteries and gave me 1 month premium monitoring so I could use my phone until the batteries arrived. I guess the batteries I used for replacement were bad. SMH Plus, I thought the base station told you when the batteries were low. Oh well, it was resolved quickly and friendly.

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4 years ago

Usually it does let you know as a few weeks ago we had our base station say at 2 in the morning warning front door keypad batteries low then our app went crazy and alarm never went off. Now a friend of mine that i helped hook there system up just had this issue two days ago, 5am and the alarm was off and the alarm started going off and it was his keypad batteries were low so not sure what is going on but its not supposed to go off like that for just batteries.
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