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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 6:15 PM


Camera is inside pointing to entry door, which is clear glass.
There are deliveries where the person is in the camera viewfinder, but it doesn't show up on the timeline. Why?
An image through the door does not work? My wifi will not pick up a camera outside.Suggestions?

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3 years ago

Motion outside does not set off camera. It did at one time.

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3 years ago

The cameras use infrared sensors (round black dome beneath the lens) to sense motion.  Infrared sensors do not work through glass.  Your choices are to put the camera on the other side of the glass or get a doorbell camera.  

If you camera is close enough to see deliveries, moving it the few more feet to put it outside should not put it out of range of the wifi.  You may have to move your wifi antennas a little if it has external antennas, or move the router a little.  But probably not.
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