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Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 1:58 AM

Timeline with more detail

I wish the timeline would capture entry sensors when they opened and closed (when system is armed or disarmed). It would be helpful to see that information, as well as it seems to be the only thing I really miss coming from ADT to SimpliSafe.

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4 years ago


Our Entry Sensors are able to trigger specifically when going from closed to open. So it might not be able to set up logged alerts for when sensors are going from open to closed.

Of course, when in Home Mode or Away Mode, opening an Entry Sensor would trigger an alarm. So you'd get the notification for that.

But for all three modes - Home, Away, and Off, you can set each sensor to "Secret Alert". This would trigger an alert to be sent out. But the even will appear on the Event Log as well.

Johnny M.
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