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Friday, January 7th, 2022 4:56 PM

timeline history of all devices, not just cameras & arming?

I want to be able to see a timeline history of all devices, not just cameras & arming.  (And a way to filter this list so only certain devices are listed.)  The only thing I can find is the Device Settings screen which shows me the current status (open / closed).  Is there a way to have a timeline for entry sensors?  

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2 years ago

Hi Rick,


No, just general opening and closing of sensors is not a logged activity. That is, unless you have Secret Alerts set up for individual sensors.

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Davey, that is absurd. Take this community reaction as a suggestion that SimpliSafe add the option to log opens and closes of entry sensors. It is VERY useful. It can't possibly cost much to add this functionality.

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11 months ago

Bummer!!! I just finished setting my system up. I assumes that was standard with sensors,  as my previous system had a timeline like that ...

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@Mistr159​ Same here! I had this on my previous system and it was great for being able to check if any doors were opened while the alarm wasn't armed, to see what time I let the dogs outside, etc. It's odd to me we can't pull up history on the device activity

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6 months ago

yes, this feature would be very helpful. Our last system Alert 360 had it, and we really liked it. It let us know when the kids came home from a friends house, and also helped us catch our housekeeper stealing from us as we were able to see she had been going into the garage when she had no need to.


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5 days ago

Please add this one of main reasons I wanted system was to have timeline on sensors when disarmed- plenty of other systems have this for free

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