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Thursday, April 1st, 2021 3:22 AM

Steady Blue Light but Disconnected in App!!

I've now installed my SimpliSafe camera for the 6th time. Every time it gets hung up on "connection check,' but immediately turns solid blue on the camera. Router says it's connected but the app says it's not. What am I doing wrong here? Camera's firmware is

So the CAMERA says it's connected.
The ROUTER says it's connected.
But the APP says uh-uh.




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3 years ago

@kwamster There are many questions to ask and the forum format is not a good way to go. Have you called support to troubleshoot?

What router do you have? Are you sure you are connected to a 2.4 network, 5 won't work.  Did you hear hear the camera say its ready to connect? Did it say the QR code was successfully read and will attempt to connect to wifi?

Did you just get the camera? Or did you have it for a while? Is it used?

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3 years ago


All other indicators do point to the camera being fully connected. However, there might be a bit of latency going on, so the stream is getting cut off. Sometimes if you just try again a couple of times, the connection does eventually get through.

Another thing you can try is to decrease the quality of the feed, in case the issue is with bandwidth bottleneck. That is, the camera might be trying to push more video information than your current internet connection's upload can handle. Lowering the video quality might help the data get through much more easily.

Though yes, we strongly recommend giving our Support team, if you haven't already, at 800-548-9508. They can tackle the issue with you step by step.

- Johnny M.
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