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Sunday, January 31st, 2021 1:49 AM

SS is falling behind... Multi-user app + 2FA

I have 2 roommates that live in my home and they should be able to access the app without using my main login. There is no need to share login information when you could easily create multiple user options for the app. They want the ability to arm and disarm the system, view cameras, and activity. Once I log into the app on their phone, they have full control of the account. They can even view all pins.

I would love to the ability to add multiple users with varying levels of control and notifications. Specifically requesting notifications so you could turn off receiving every notification for entry/exit/motion, etc.. That way you can share access while maintaining privacy among housemates.

I'm surprised pin numbers are even able to be viewed from an app that does not require a password after the initial login. That seems like a security flaw on its own...

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3 years ago

Hi @loganhinders,

Adding a multi-user login for the same account feature is something that our development team is looking into. In the meantime, we have forwarded your request to them as well to keep them aware that this is one of the most requested features from our customers. Regarding the last point you made, if you'd like, you can set up a and App Lock PIN that is required to unlock the app after 10 seconds of inactivity. This can be found by going into the ‚ò∞ Menu of the SimpliSafe App, tapping on your email address and then selecting Configure App Lock.

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