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Monday, February 6th, 2023 6:25 PM

Smart thermostat integration?

Can SimpliSafe integrate with a smart thermostat?

Goal is to turn off hvac when door is left open for a period of time. 

as well as set hvac to away mode when o arm the system. 

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1 year ago

Hi @Mkeiser ,

Unfortunately no, that level of functionality is not available - our sensors' state cannot be used as triggers for smart devices.

With Interactive Monitoring, we do offer integration with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. But that just enables arming and checking status via voice command, as well as adding arming of the system to routines.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the quick response. This would be a valuable feature. Perhaps simplisafe could consider it as a future enhancement.

Or better yet, perhaps SimpliSafe could develop its own tightly integrated smart thermostat. I’d buy it. 

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@Mkeiser​ I would too. Google Nest used to integrate a long time ago. Then that went away. Or rather SimpliSafe use to “Works with Nest”. I since moved and purchased an ecobee. I think Nest is better. Anyway, I would Absolutely purchase a SimpliSafe smart thermostat, especially if it was simple and elegant without all the bulk. Maybe look like the temperature sensor with an LCD screen? Simple LED light could indicate mode (hot, cold, auto, fan) with color too so from a distance can be seen at a glance ;-)


Same here

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Same here.  In favor of simplisafe thermostat.   I manage multiple properties and it would be great if I could do it from one app.  

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8 months ago

same same

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3 months ago

I’m almost done with Nest thermostats. They haven’t updated the annoyingly tappy UI in the iOS app in ten years, and there’s no Siri or HomeKit integration. I would be happy to try a SimpliSafe thermostat.

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2 months ago

I think anyone who uses a smart thermostat would welcome, with open arms, a Simplisafe smart thermostat. I don't understand why they haven't developed one as other security systems either have them or work with other brands.. I've had Simplisafe at multiple properties for years but am considering changing to a system that acommadates a smart thermostat.

29 days ago

Were Simplisafe to integrate with any of the popular smart thermostat solutions, Simpisafe could claim to be an enabling partner of not only the savings the smart thermostat enables but also the enabler of the smart thermostat programs offered by electric utilities like Dominion.

Not bad press and I can't imagine the electric utilities would not welcome the partnership. 

The alternative is SimpliSafe requires its own separate set of sensors and does not enable smart thermostat solutions and savings.

From what I have read, many SimpliSafe owners would upgrade their systems, purchase smart thermostats, enroll in electric utility programs, and provide a positive reference base for all concerned.

Just an idea.

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