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Monday, July 10th, 2023 3:15 PM

SimpliSafe on the Home Screen

cannot find download to show icon on ios phone why?

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1 year ago

frustrated cannot get icon back on ios phone why? I tried redownloading but no icon on my screen?

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1 year ago

Hi @linsmartin86 ,

This might be an iOS issue and not a SimpliSafe one (so we're limited in how we can help with that). But could it be possible that you have disabled automatically adding apps to your Home Screen after installing?

If so, you can still get the app to your Home Screen manually.

  1. On your phone's Home Screen, swipe left. You should see your App Library.
  2. Search for SimpliSafe.
  3. Press and hold on the SimpliSafe icon.
  4. Select Add to Home Screen.
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