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Thursday, November 5th, 2020 11:28 PM

SimpliSafe App Not Functioning

The SimpliSafe App won't launch on my iPhone 12 with iOS 14.1.  All I get is a gray screen with SimpliSafe written across it.  It does work fine on my iPad though.  What is the fix fir this?

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4 years ago

Yep, been having same issues, sometimes with message following about server issues has been spotty like that since late last month. Not seeing any consistent fix, yet,

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2 years ago

SimpliSafe App won't launch on my iPhone XR iOS 16.1.1 and it worked fine yesterday.  

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2 years ago

The app will not come up for me on my phone or computer.

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2 years ago

Yep, broken for me too, hasn’t worked for days.

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