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Saturday, February 15th, 2020 3:43 PM

Signing in to SimpliSafe

I can't sign into my account without opening my email. This is NOT GOOD for me. Paul K

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4 years ago

I was told a few weeks ago the sign-in email verification would be unnecessary SOOOON.  Still waiting?



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4 years ago

It's still an issue, and who knows when it's going to get fixed (if at all).

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2 years ago

I know what you mean!  I have the same problem! Let's try something else, like text.

Community Admin


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@melra1423​ hi! This is a very old thread, back when 2-step verification by email was the only option. We have since enabled Multi-Factor Authentication through SMS. You can set it up from the SimpliSafe app, by going to Menu > Manage Account > Multi-Factor Authentication.

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