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Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 1:06 AM

Remove battery from Sensor

Battery in door sensor needs replacement after 6 months of use...I have already replaced a camera, a camera battery...now this...and system is 6 months old -purchased direct from SimpliSafe.....simple it is NOT.  I am just about fed up.   I am looking at the inside of the sensor but no clue how to remove battery...without damaging the case - so ready to dump this system

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8 months ago

What sensor is it and we could help. If it's a regular door or window sensor just pull down or up depending on how sensor is mounted and on the back you will see the battery and it just pops out.


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8 months ago

Hi @stephandbob, 

If you visit this article in our Help Center, we provide instructional videos on how you can change the batteries in our devices.

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I want to tell you that I have a MS in science so I can read  ...thanks...if one more element of this "system" fails I will call another service.  Keep in mind when an element fails, camera, battery or whatever the system is not what I purchased it for....safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until the element is fixed...I waited 7 days for a new camera...so no camera on my front door for 7 days...comforting right???, When battery failed had to buy another - never mind  this is frustrating and anger producing.   I prefer  to be calm and relaxed and safe



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@stephandbob entry sensor batteries lasting only six months is not normal. Suggest you contact SS and have it replaced. Another issue could be a weak connection to the base.  I have 52 items on my system and batteries last much longer. 

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