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Saturday, February 1st, 2020 7:31 PM

Remote Management Not Functional

Can anyone advise me on my remote management not functioning? I've had my system activated for 11 days and still am unable to arm/disarm my system remotely either from a browser or from the app. I can arm/disarm from the keypad with no problem. My cameras are functional and recording properly in the app. I can see them live and see the recordings on the timeline tab.

-On the app, when I type in my master pin, a pop up window says "attempting to contact your base station." After about 2 seconds, the pop up goes away and I'm redirected back to the overview screen where the pin is supposed to be entered.
-On a browser, I get the error "check internet connection."

I've emailed back and forth with many representatives and talked to 2 people on the phone at length. I've had the sim card number checked, done a hard reset of the system, and gotten an entire new module in my base station. I've had two separate appointments for call backs. The first never called me back. The second call is now 30 minutes overdue. I'm enrolled in the Interactive Monitoring plan.

Any help is appreciated.
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