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Monday, January 2nd, 2023 3:22 AM

Recovery Codes

In my password manager's entry for Simplisafe, I have the following documented:

"Save recovery code
Copy this code and keep it somewhere safe. You’ll need this if you ever need to authenticate your account without your device." .  Followed by a 24 character code.

Is this recovery code still relevant?

If so, how do I change it?  (the code may have been compromised)

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1 year ago

Hi @odyinpdx ,

Yes, the Recovery Code is used if you're having trouble logging into your account with your regular password (for example, if you changed your password, and forgot to record the new one, and don't remember it). Each recovery code is a one-time use, so if you tried to use it to log in right now, a new one would be generated for you.

But another way would be to give our Support team a call at 800-548-9508. After verbally confirming your Safe Word passcode, we can reset the Multi-Factor Authentication on your account, which would also reset the recovery code.



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1 year ago

@odyinpdx I believe you are posting about a recovery code for your password manager, which has nothing to do with Simplisafe directly.  I suggest you call Simplisafe support directly and sort this out and get some clarification.

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10 months ago

Hello - Integration of SimpliSafe with Home Automation requires a 45-character Authorization Code. Does anyone knows how do I get one? Thanks. Eric

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