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Thursday, July 1st, 2021 12:14 AM

Push Notification Stopped Working

For some reason, I am no longer getting any notifications on my phone.  Motion detection, doorbell, etc.  I've checked the settings on my phone and in the Simplisafe app and everything looks correct.  My wife is getting them on her phone.

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3 years ago

After an hour and 10 minutes on hold, I learned that there is a bug in the SimpliSafe app affecting some phones that should be fixed in the next update.  

My time was not wasted waiting.  While on hold, I did a minor repair on our water heater, worked on a project for a meeting tomorrow morning, answered emails, and called my dad to wish him a happy birthday.:)

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3 years ago

Hi mdolfan,

That doesn't sound correct to me - especially if your wife is still getting the notifications. There was a known issue over last weekend where customers with Verizon phones were getting severely delayed notifications, due to a networking issue. That should have been cleared out - in fact, as soon as the connection was unblocked, a lot of customers ended up getting their delayed notifications all at once!

But the above issue only affected SMS Alerts to Verizon phones - so camera motion and doorbell alerts shouldn't have been affected, let alone alarm system alerts going through Push Notifications.

For now, if you're on Android, I would suggest clearing the SimpliSafe app's cache. On iPhone, you can just delete and reinstall the app.

- Johnny M.
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@Johnny - Thanks for your reply.

About an hour after talking with customer support, I started getting notifications from SimpliSafe again.  Both my wife and I have iphones.  I have no idea why they stopped for about a day then started again.  I continued getting notifications from other apps the entire time.  Everything seems to be working fine, but if the problem returns I will call again.
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