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Monday, March 16th, 2020 9:25 PM

Please add an alarm to the phone app

I have had a much cheaper system then I switched to SS and disappointed that the only notification I get if the alarm is triggered is a text or email. I get tons of those each day so it's not a great way to let me know my alarm  has been triggered when I am away. My old cheaper system would have my phone go nuts when the alarm was triggered. Pretty short sighted for what's supposed to be a quality alarm.

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4 years ago

If my alarm goes off I get a push notification on my phone, then a text message, then a phone call from monitoring. 3 things happen all within about 20 seconds. That's adequate enough for me. What more are you looking for?



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4 years ago

Dont know what you mean because my ss app goes crazy with notifications as well as text and then a call from the monitoring company and as 60ampfuse said its all within 20 seconds.
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