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Monday, April 2nd, 2018 4:47 AM

Phone won't connect to base station

No matter what I do my Verizon S7 won't connect to the base station.  I've tried all the usual refreshing and rebooting to no avail. The only thing I haven't tried is to remove it from my phone and reinstall.
If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.  I also have an intermittent problem with the base station losing contact with the dispatch center. They changed out the T-mobile interface with a Verizon one and that seemed to help a little. Any ideas? Thanks.



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6 years ago

@bryantobey11, I have a S7 and phone works fine with connecting to the base.  Just tried my wife's s7, same result, all aok.

First, want to confirm you have the interactive 24.99 plan. You need that to use the phone app.

Second, I would call SS to troubleshoot.  Phone interaction is much more effective troubleshooting situations like this.

Good luck.

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6 years ago

This seems to be an ongoing problem with Simplisafe.  I pay to have a security system and to have it monitored!  Yet, 25% of the time, ESPECIALLY when I need it the most, I cannot connect or reset my alarm.  Then it takes me forever to reach a representative.  I've replaced most all parts on my base station.

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6 years ago

I've had my system for about 18 months now.

A week ago i noticed when logging in from the IOS app or from a browser that the alarm status was wrong. So I tried refreshing it and re-arming it remotely - got 'State Unknown' on the browser web app and 'Device Connection Problem' from IOS app.

I followed the instructions like removing batteries and restarting the base etc - twice. Tried relocating it in various places even though it had worked fine in the same location for 18 months.

***Called the help desk around 7PM PT, put on hold for 30 mins and then gave up***

Sent email to their help desk and all they could tell me (after explaining to them what I had done) was to take the batteries out, restart it and relocate the base station - ***pathetic response***

I called helpdesk next day from work around 8am PT and got through and explained the situation. They told me to try all the things I had already tried and even asked me to re-install my phone app - ***as if that's supposed to fix the problem when using a browser - unbelievable*** They then asked me to try resetting the base station while I was on the phone. I also had to explain in excruciating detail that only the base station cell connection seemed to be the issue since the local remote keypads + sensors were all working and the base was responding to them.

***This was a surreal experience, it was like talking to someone who had no clue whatsoever about how their product worked! ***

I explained I was at work so they said to call back when I got home. I told them I tried that and no one picked up. They apologized and said someone should have picked up on that number until 9pm.

I then explained I wasn't happy with the support so far and even less happy with the fact that my system had gone unmonitored for over 24hrs due to the lack of connection to/from the base station over the cell connection.

***What was even more scary was that neither Simplisafe or myself had received ANY texts, calls or emails saying the system was not being monitored ***‚Ä®
Now oddly enough, shortly after that phone conversation when I had said there was no point in paying $25/month for a system thats not monitored even for its own availability, let alone any alarms!, I tried again and the system had started responding - what a strange coincidence!

However then a few days later the base started acting up again and this time I was home so I called the Helpdesk, again around 7PM and AGAIN I WAS PUT ON HOLD FOR 30MINS - SO I GAVE UP!

***I also notice that unlike the old browser based UI - you can no longer CANCEL monitoring subscriptions online - what a surprise***

Also, the new UI has a link that says 'back to original app' - so great I said to myself I'll go back to the original app, but no, that doesn't work either and takes you back to the new app home page - what a POS.

So now I had to open a credit card dispute with my Bank since there is really no point in using this system any longer - lesson learned - ADT here I come.

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I had a similar problem and someone at Simplisafe emailed me. We emailed back and forth troubleshooting for a few days. Finally they sent me a Verizon cell module to replace the T-mobile. Problem finally solved. Agree completely with ridiculous waits for phone support. Email was slow but it worked.

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6 years ago


I'm sorry for the experience that you've had! A Tech Manager should reach out to you later today so that we can get to the bottom of this for you!

SimpliSafe Home Security

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5 years ago

This problem has just happened to me. I left the house and tried to arm the device thru my iphone. It wouldn't work. So I came back into the house and armed in manually on the keypad. When I came home I still couldn't use my iphone to disarm it.. I came in and promptly (within 2 seconds) disarmed the keypad. The next thing I know I'm getting a call from my son asking if I'm OK. Simplisafe had called him and said my alarm had gone off and I hadn't answered the phone (I never got a call) so they had called the sheriff's office. My son was worried and then I had to call the sheriff's department to tell them it was a false alarm. I've had SimplliSafe for over 8 months now and this was the first time I had any problems with it. I can't update the settings online either.

I've done everything from refreshing the app, unplugging and removing the batteries from the base station, moving the base station to different places and updating the system using the keypad. I've also removed the app from my phone and downloaded it again. Nothing works. I can arm the system from the keypad but I need to be able to arm AND disarm it using my phone. I live alone and liked the idea of my house being protected while I was gone. I can't do that now unless I want to set off my alarm and have them call my son and sheriff again.

Guess I'll call customer service tomorrow. I like the system but this is frustrating.

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I'm not the most knowledgeable about SimpliSafe, but even if the app wasn't working on your phone, you should have still gotten a phone call from the monitoring company before they called the Sheriff.

5 years ago

same problem. Used to work well but now it doesn't work at all with my app or the computer desktop. Switched out the cellular module. No help. I am growing tired of this. I have SS at two different locations both on the 24/7 monitoring service. I may have to consider switching to something more reliable.

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4 years ago

I got my system up and running on 12/26 and I too have the problem with the ios App and the web interface.  I have tried resetting the system and reinstalling the App.  I have sent email to customer service and have not received any reply.   Yesterday I downloaded and tried the Android App on a Nexus tablet and low and behold it works fine without issue.  So,  in my case this is not a base or location problem.

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2 years ago

Has this issue ever been solved?

Community Admin


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@PFN1​ You might be seeing a different issue from the original post, since it's from a very long time ago.

Could you describe what you're seeing? Any error messages? I can help figure out what's going on with your system.

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