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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 3:43 PM

Phone app: Notifications not working, customize the notification sound

I just upgraded my phone and the notifications are not working on the new device.  

How do I:
1. Get notifications working again?
2. Customize the notification sound so that it's not the standard/default notification sound?

I installed the SimpliSafe app on a Samsung Note 9.
When I go to settings / notifications / SimpliSafe I have the following options:
 ON/OFF (this enables or disable ALL notifications, so I have it set to ON)
 App icon badges  on/off  (I have this set to ON)
 Downloads (make sound) on/off  (I have this set to OFF since I don't have any cameras associated with my system).

Alternatively, if I open the SimpliSafe app, choose menu / settings / Alerts & Notifications / Push Notifications, I have the following options:
 Alarm (this box is checked)

Please advise on the above two questions.  Thank you!

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5 years ago

good luck - its been crickets around here.  U might just be better off calling them.  I am going to...

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5 years ago

I don't know anything about settings on a Samsung phone or how to configure your push notifications..... but I recently upgraded my Iphone and the notifications continued to work just as they did with the old phone

You didn't say what notifications you are trying to get to work....If you want to get secret alarms or notifications when you arm and disarm the system all 3 boxes need to be checked....but that shouldn't have changed when you got a new phone.

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5 years ago

Maybe or maybe not related, but if you have the 24.99 plan, try making those adjustments on your online dashboard page instead of via the phone app, it's worked for a few other minor issues like making changes in the app.  As for the actual notification sound on your phone, that would be via your phone's settings.

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5 years ago

The notification are finicky --I have had issues too whether it is via the app on iphone, android, desktop or tablet.

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5 years ago

You should be able to change the notification sound on android. I did it when I had an S7 Edge at least. It's via your phone sound settings, not the app though.

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5 years ago

I only get camera notifications on my phone, how do you get notifications if a motion sensor detects movement? I can't find it anywhere.



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5 years ago

@karen.miller, notifications via secret alerts are an "either or" proposition.  You can have your motion send you an alert or it can alarm the system.

For example, I have a motion sensor in my garage.  When the system is armed, I have it sent to alarm; if its off it sends an alert (in my case, a push alert which is quicker and more reliable than a SMS or email.

Hope this helps.
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