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Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 1:20 PM

New SS Windows 10 App?

Over the past 5+days I am one of the customer having issues logging on into the forums. Even after authenticating each time I get the dreaded "404" error with the SS default "sorry, we don't see that page" on my MS Edge and Chrome Browsers. Even FireFox fails, but, in a PrivateSession page it will allow me to log in. (Which I am on now).

In one of my attempts on MS Edge, a small dialogue box appeared on the top left side of my browser and said "Simplisafe app available for download". I clicked on it and a Win10 app installed. During the setup it asked if I wanted a shortcut on my taskbar and desktop, which I said yes.

It appears to be another flavor of the SS web app logon and, at least for the dashboard, works well, although a few bugs do appear to still be there (Shows my two outdoor web cams as offline but they are not.)  Unfortunately, if I navigate to the help center to get access to the forums, I get the same 404 error page, and cannot log in.

If this is a planned step by SS I applaud the effort, but please debug, announce and, most of all, straighten out the log in issues with your site!


Update: One hour later, launched the new SS Win10 app, navigated from home screen to help center, then to forums, brought there, had to authenticate but it worked!  Updated this post on that page! Now that bad news: Clicked to log out and then got the 404 page not found. Getting better but not quite yet there.

Johnny M, care to enlighten us on the overall game plan please, including status, issues and "gee, wouldn't it be nice to see all of that in the Systems Status page in a new CRC? :-)

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3 years ago

Hi Captain11,

This is part of the website changes I alluded to yesterday. Our homepage has been upgraded to a brand new platform that allows it to be more responsive, flexible, and mobile-friendly. Part of that involved turning the site into a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Different browsers will respond to PWAs in different ways. For example, Microsoft Edge can put the website inside a container, so it behaves more like a discrete app. So as you discovered, it can be launched from your desktop and lives in its own window. But it's really just the same website that you can visit on any browser.

Sadly, the current Forum is not included in this new platform, which is what's causing the strange hiccups. But we're working on it!

- Johnny M.
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@Johnny M, thank you for the reply and I am happy to report it is now behaving exactly like the traditional website, requiring authentiation but then showing me successfully logged into the forums.  I like the overall structure and if a new CRC is incorporated into the same GUI it will be a very nice user experience. Hats off to the dev team for the progress so far.
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