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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 12:23 PM

New "Devices" page on web app missing refresh button

Status of my devices is out of date and I need a refresh button. This shows up on the mobile app but not on the web app page any longer. No refresh/refresh and edit option any longer.

The reason I need this is so when I am away from the property I can see which sensors are open vs. closed. I cannot always use my phone/the app for this purpose. Sometimes I want to use the web app. This used to work, now it does not because the status requires a check in with the base station.

There needs to be more testing done so things like this do not slip through, especially considering the increase in prices for monthly monitoring

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9 months ago

Hi @zparizona, 

Our devs are aware of this and they do have plans to add the refresh button back to the Devices page in the web app. In the meantime, there is a refresh button on the bottom right in the Dashboard page. If you click on that, it will refresh your account and you will see updated information on the Devices page. 

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Are they also aware that you can no longer add a device with the web page?

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@rongalla​ Our devs do know that the option to add a device isn't on the web app. They are working on getting this capability back on the Devices page.

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