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Saturday, July 22nd, 2023 11:20 PM

Need older version of SimpliSafe app

I need an old version of the app for a phone that runs Android 8.  Where do I get SimpliSafe app 4.73 or earlier?

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1 year ago

When I need older apps, I usually take them from another phone so I know they are safe to install; however, if you cannot do that, you can typically download old apps from APKMirror.


(I do need to add - be very careful when downloading apps outside of the Google Play Store)

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Thanks for the quick response. I am stuck between trying to cram a newer, unsupported version of the Android operating system onto the phone or go older with the SaimpliSafe app.  And I am afraid of third party hosting sites, since I have no clue which ones are good and which once are compromised.

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Hello again. Hopefully, you will return and see this (and it will solve your problem).


I am unsure if the forum moderators will take issue with my attempt to assist you, but with the warning (and confirmation of hesitancy due to compromised apps), I do not think they will have a problem.


If you have the app version you require on an old phone or tablet (or if you know someone else who does), this is the safest way to obtain it provided you or they originally downloaded it via the Google Play store. The video below is what I follow to transfer previously officially published apps between devices with older operating systems:




It is effortless and efficient (and you will not have to worry about viruses).


Moderators, please get in touch with me if you see any issues with my advice; I will edit it myself.

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