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Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 8:41 PM

Multiple base stations in same app session?

I own a small business and want to use one security ecosystem for both my business and home. For convenience, I want to be able to check in on my business and home from the same app session. Is this possible? In other words, I would rather not have to sign out of one account and sign into another when I want to switch between my business and home.

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2 years ago

Hi AnalogSandwich!

Yep, you can have multiple systems/locations under the same login, and can switch between locations on the fly.

The tricky bit is that our user accounts are currently designed with single-user login only. Anyone who has your username and password can access all locations. So for most people, it's great for sharing access with your spouse, but not so much for allowing access to employees (if you don't want them accessing your home system as well).

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@davey_d​ So when is Simply Safe going to catch up and add an obvious need for an administrator who can set up sub users with controllable access?  This is a fundamental need and is very surprising that it was not addressed during initial development.  This is especially critical for businesses.

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@patact0202​ Our dev team is hard at work creating multi-user accounts with different levels of permission. Once we receive an update from them we'll be sure to notify the Community.

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Spend a few minutes here looking around the community posts and you'll quickly see that "hard at work" means you will wait YEARS (not days, weeks, or months) for any changes needed or recommended by actual users.  Wish it wasn't so as a long time SS customer, but it's fact. 

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