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Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 12:18 PM

Mobile app arm/disarm lag?

Anyone else been having laggy/spotty/slow results managing their system using the mobile app? Bear in mind I have SS2 so it's all cellular based.

Been happening on both my systems. The bases are in the same exact spot they've been for years. The cellular modems were changed to the 4G/LTE modems long time ago.

Symptom is I can try to arm or disarm and the wheels spin for a good long time but then nothing happens. Say the system was Off, so I push Away, the Away button "spins" like it normally did, but the delay countdown doesn't start and eventually the Away button stops spinning and the focus goes back to the gray Off button. Sometimes it never does arm (or disarm) without repeated attempts, sometimes several minutes later it will arm and send me a notification. On one or two occasions I got a quick flash of a "server busy" message (no, not base station busy, it was clearly "server").

Wondering if there's been something going on the last week or two with the back end?

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3 years ago

Hey whoaru99,

It wouldn't be unusual for a few seconds of lag while the server waits for confirmation from your Base Station. But it shouldn't be much longer than that, and shouldn't be failing entirely!

Have you found a difference in performance when your phone is on WiFi vs cell? Or if you try from the webapp?

- Johnny M.
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