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Friday, June 10th, 2022 6:19 AM

Master PIN not working on Android app or web app.

Just upgraded my gen 1 to SS3 today. I can use the keypad and keyfob to arm/disarm the system just fine but when I enter the master PIN on the Android app or website interface it doesn't work. On the Android app when I enter the PIN at the prompt it just takes me back to the prompt to enter again. On the web app when I enter the PIN it tells me to check my connection. My connection is fine. 

Can someone help me?


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2 years ago

@ynnek63 it sounds like you're at the step where the app asks you to confirm your PIN. The app will then reach out to your Base Station, and if the PIN is correct, that will give the app permission to control the system.

So what's happening right now is that the app seems to be having trouble reaching your Base Station - because the Base Station itself is not connected to the service. Did you already set up the WiFi connection for your system? You can do so from your Keypad, by navigating to Menu > System Settings > WiFi.



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2 years ago

@ynnek63  Easiest way to deal with these type issues is just to call Support first and have the SS agent check things on their backend. Possibly issues with the set up of the base and, usually, quickly resolved. I have SS3 with the android app and not experiencing the issue that you have described.

Please post your outcome here after your call. Thank you.

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