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Sunday, May 10th, 2020 12:43 PM


Loss of connectivity via app and browser?

SimpliSafe is dedicated to providing our customers with expert-level protection, and this includes ensuring 24/7 access to our professional monitoring centers via a strong cellular connection. For more info on our efforts to address 2G Sunset, including obtaining and installing a new cellular module, check out our Help Center Article here.

Installed a new 4G Verizon card on my Gen1 system, as the old 2G T-Mobile cellular system is being shut down.  Since installing the new 4G card, the system is functioning inside my 4 walls. I can activate/deactivate the system using the keypad, enter test mode, etc.  System is communicating with monitoring service and can be seen and controlled by SimpliSafe tech support. I receive text notifications when the system is armed and disarmed, goes into test mode, etc.  However, I have lost the ability to communicate with and control the system thru the iPhone app and the desktop browser--I can't remotely check or activate/deactivate the system.  

Tech support has been unable to resolve.  They had me repeat all the standard steps (unplug the base station, remove a battery, restart it, reposition it, etc.  Nothing worked.)  The best they could come up with was "give it a day or so, and maybe it will synch up."  Which sounded like "I don't have a clue", and didn't work, either.

Any ideas as to how to either resolve or escalate to someone who has a clue, and isn't just reading thru a troubleshooting menu which clearly is incomplete?

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4 years ago

Additional notes: Thru the browser and app, I can see messages about the system activity. and status changes;  for example, the browser shows the system was disarmed 54 minutes ago via keypad.  However, when I try and arm via the browser or app, I get 2 mins of a the home or away button spinning blue, then a message that says "System status unknown". I am also unable to synch the connected devices.
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