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Monday, March 8th, 2021 3:43 AM

Issues with Alexa Integration



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2 years ago

@MSStateDawg  you got it right. If you tell Alexa to arm SS to home mode, for example, Alexa will always  ask to confirm. To be honest, the Echo integration is next to useless as is. Now, add the ability for SS3 to send an alarm status state back to Alexa so you can use it to create a routine to turn on all of the lights in your house, then you have something.  Been making that request to SS for years.

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2 years ago

Google Home/Assistant works that way. I say "Hey Google Goodnight" it just arms the system to home mode. I actually have it set up where I say goodnight and SS arms to home mode, all my lights turn off and the doors lock. Works perfect. Too bad Alexa does not do this or Siri.
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