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Sunday, September 10th, 2023 5:03 PM

Is there not a Amazon Firestick APP for simply safe?

The last post I saw on this was 3 YEARS ago! Why has Simply safe not been developing this? Is todays modern technological age I should be able to integrate simply safe into my home computer network and View it on my TV. Come on simplysafe get on the ball!

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10 months ago

Hi @family, 

SimpliSafe uses our own closed system so we can ensure that your video footage is private, so right now we do not share video with other third parties. If anything ever changes and we begin to develop a feature that allows for streaming footage on smart screens like Amazon Fire TV, we will be sure to let the Community know. 

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????? That response doesn't make any sense.

Simplisafe has an app for Android and iOS.  A similar app could be made available for the Fire TV/Stick. This would not provide a 3rd party with anything.

In fact, porting the Android to the Fire platform is trivial.

We would then be able to log into the app, on the Fire device, to have the same controls as the phone apps.

Providing Alexa 'skills' that would bring up camera feeds would be an additional effort, but minimal and a huge value add.

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