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Wednesday, December 30th, 2020 3:22 PM

Is there an App for the Mac and/or PC

Inquiring if there is an app for the Mac. I recently became an SS customer and the missing component for me is a dedicated app that I can run on my computer. I have the mobile App on my phone and it is OK, but when I'm home, I prefer using my Mac computer. The competitor, Ring, did have it and it was very useful. TIA

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2 years ago

No app, per se. It's web based. Log into your account and you should get the dashboard/control panel.

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Thanks, that's what I thought. They do need to develop a computer appear both Mac & PC similar to the mobile app. I do not leave my browser open all the time, but will leave an app running for quick access.

Get with the times SimpliSafe.

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Amen to that..

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2 years ago


We could develop native apps, but then we'd have to account for the huge variety of desktop computers out there - across multiple versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux, etc. The webapp approach means we can deploy to all of those platforms all at once.


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2 years ago

Mike, if they were to develop an "app" (aka program), most likely it will just be a complete browser running all the time.

Many companies don't develop actual programs anymore, they just wrap their web application in a self-contained browser and call it an "app".  This often makes for bloated and slow programs.   Microsoft Teams, Visual Code, Evernote are examples of programs that use this method.

The tool they use is called Electron (wikipedia link).  It's an entire Chromium browser that just runs one web page locally.  So instead of having one browser open all the time, you'll have multiple browsers open all the time, one for each web page "app", whether you realize it or not.

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2 years ago

@Johnny:  Right, that's why the web page makes more sense.  I think Simplisafe's web page works great.

(Though to be fair:  The point of Electron is that you don't develop a "native app".  You wrap your web app in it and then it runs "natively" on all those versions and OSs.  Electron takes away the burden of making it run on all those different platforms, though at the cost of speed and serious bloat.  It's Java all over again.)

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@simplistuckon This is very true, im a web developer myself, and an electron app would fix this for all OS types. Ive just logged into the web version so i can see my cameras which are great, but i don't get notifications?

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