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Saturday, September 19th, 2020 1:29 PM

iOS 14 Verizon Apple Phone Users - ISSUE - monitor center calls do not ring



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3 years ago

I think Captain covered this in a post last week?  Said that during a user test mode, one now gets a text or voice mail from monitoring for test mode alerts (monitoring received your signal).  Assuming you were in test mode, right?

As for your phone not ringing and going directly to voicemail, mine does that sometimes, (I have android/verizon).  No explanation, and as long as it regards SS, if alerts from monitoring are getting through at least via voicemail in test mode, all should still be ok.  In a real-world alarm situation however, that wouldn't be good, of course.

I assume this is a new thing with monitoring, or, perhaps it's iPhone quirks now?

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3 years ago

If you put the alarm center number into your address (contacts) book, I do not believe it will reject the call as junk.

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3 years ago

I think this is a new feature in ios 14 on the Verizon Network. I have all the SimpliSafe and COPS numbers saved as favorites but the COPS number was sent to voice mail until I turned the feature off.

I have confirmed that the Test signal should always make your phone ring. The Test signal does not have the ability to bypass your ringing on its own. Your network and or device is doing that bc it's convinced the number is scam or junk. But luckily the feature can be turned off and the calls will ring again.
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