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Thursday, September 15th, 2022 4:15 AM

how does SS handle notifications?

1)  What system do they use to send Security Alerts to the customer(e.g., cellular network, wired telephone system, wired email system, private wireless network, etc.)?
2)  How do they make sure there are no delays in getting the alerts to the customer (or the police or fire department if customer doesn't call off the alert?)
3)  Do they allow a customer to piggyback alerts that his equipment generates onto their alerting system?
Thanks for any help you can give.

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2 years ago

Hi @mccullog001 ,

Unfortunately we're not able to provide in-depth info like you're asking - partially for security reasons. However, this is the process that the signals go through:

  1. When an alarm is triggered on the local alarm system, the Base Station sends an encrypted signal through either WiFi, or its own built-in cellular connection - whichever is strongest.
  2. If a motion alert is triggered on a camera, those alerts go through WiFi only.
  3. From your WiFi, the signal is sent through the world wide web to our server.
  4. The signal is received by our Monitoring Service, and an actual human operator will see that alert and call your Primary Contacts. If you are not able to answer, the same operator will call your local authorities (police, fire, EMS).
  5. Simultaneously, the server then sends alerts through the web to the SimpliSafe app on your phone, as well so your your phone provider (for SMS) and email provider (for email).

Finally, for that last question - I'm not sure what you mean, but no, we don't support a way for any of these above signals to be modified by the user. And of course, all these transmissions are encrypted in transit and at rest, so we can keep out unauthorized access as well.


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