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Sunday, January 19th, 2020 9:16 PM

Google Home

Sorry if this already a topic somewhere, but I don't see a search function.
I tried to add my Simplisafe system to Google Home. When I log in to Google.simplisafe.com
I'm told I need the current system. To my knowledge, I do have the newest version. How can I verify this,
or what else might be the problem?

**Can I delete a post?**
I don't subscribe to active monitoring, so I can't integrate with Google Home.
Not the biggest deal, but the message should say that instead of recommending the latest system.

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4 years ago

People seem to get acceptable results using Google search with the site: keyword.

The "current system" is SS3, which uses Wi-Fi for primary communication and cellular as backup.  If you don't have a USB port on the top of your base unit, you probably have SS3.

No, you can't delete a post, but you can edit it to say "duplicate" or "removed" or something like that
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