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Monday, August 3rd, 2020 5:11 PM

G4 Cell Card Upgrade- Now No Text Alerts

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3 years ago


From your account info, we see that you might have already been in touch with our Support team to get this resolved. Did you still need help? If so, let us know and we can request a call so that our Support team can troubleshoot with you.

Johnny M.
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Yes, 2 days ago I had a very long conversation with Nick in Boise, Idaho. He tried everything he could think of, consulted colleagues, and had me do different things.  All to no avail.  I still get very intermittent SMS texts and emails regarding notifications.

Everything was working fine until the 4G card upgrade and then there were a couple of app updates, also.

Could I have a bad 4G card????



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3 years ago

Or, could something have happened to my base station?  Nick in Boise said it was a possibility. Everything else works, just no notifications.


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3 years ago

Just talked to Stephanie with tech support.

Found out that not getting notifications is a Simplisafe systemic problem, and it is being worked on.

When you call tech support, I'd be asking for Stephanie as she seemed to really know her stuff, understood my frustration, and coolly and calmly explained what was happening.

Thank you, Stephanie!

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3 years ago

I am also not receiving ANY notifications of any type. This began around August 1. I called CS on 8/4 & CS sent me a Verizon 4G upgrade module to replace my 2G card thinking it may be the problem. After I installed it & SS activated it I went through all troubleshooting suggested by Heather in Boise, ID but the problem still exists. I was told SS is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.
The only change I have made was to install a SS Doorbell Pro 2 weeks ago.
So far I have heard/read nothing from SS about a fix. There are numerous posts on the forum about others with the same problem. This is a HUGE problem not knowing what is happening with my system.

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2 years ago


I activated my SimpliSafe service today and have sent text requests to myself and 2 family members via Verizon for verification and no one has received verification codes.  Reading comments on this forum, it appears there's a problem with your SMS service.  The purpose of purchasing the interactive plan is for this monitoring feature.  I switched from ADT Pulse thinking this system would offer the same features and I hope this can get resolved ASAP.  If the SMS continues to be an issue, I will need to cancel and return your system since I'm not receiving all features purchased even on my first day of install.  Please provide a response regarding resolution as soon as possible.

Thanks- vm
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