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Monday, March 2nd, 2020 9:43 PM

Feature spotlight: biometric authentication in the SimpliSafe App

​How to enable biometric authentication​

    ​ ​
  1. ​Log in to your ​​SimpliSafe App​​ with your username and password​
  2. ​ ​
  3. ​Tap the three-bar (or "hamburger' ‚ò∞) menu in the upper left corner of the screen​
  4. ​ ​
  5. ​Tap the arrow pointing down, next to your email address (near the top)​
  6. ​ ​
  7. ​Tap ​​Configure App Lock​
  8. ​ ​
  9. ​Enter in a 4-digit passcode (this is required, even if you plan to use biometrics)​
  10. ​ ​
  11. ​Tap ​​Enable​​ on the ​​Enable Biometric Access screen​
  12. ​ ​


​My phone is not prompting me for biometrics.​
​Make sure your phone's OS and the SimpliSafe App are up to date. Then make sure that you have biometrics enabled in your phone's settings.​

​I'm trying to log in to the SimpliSafe App with biometrics and it's not working...​
​The SimpliSafe app only supports biometrics for ​​App Lock​​ at this time. If you are completely signed out, you will still need to sign back into the app with your username and password, as normal.​

​Can I still use my passcode?​
​Yes! You will always need to set a passcode in order to use biometrics, too.​

​I've been waiting for at least 10 seconds and my SimpliSafe App has not locked.​
​The app will only lock if it has been idle for at least 10 seconds. If you have the app open on your screen, it will remain unlocked, even if you are not doing anything in it.​

​Johnny M.​
​SimpliSafe ​​Home Security​

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3 years ago

FYI The widget can also be locked in the same manner.  Look for a lock icon in the upper right.



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3 years ago

Thanks Johnny M for the post on this important, timely feature!

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3 years ago

It's the little things, thanks!
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