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Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 1:41 AM

Error message when trying to change alert setting

Hi, SS! As of two weeks ago, I started to get text alerts when I armed/disarmed my alarm. I never approving this and after attempting to simply change this setting, I continually get this message:  "We're having trouble reaching your Base Station. Please check your internet connection." There is nothing wrong with my internet connection so how can this be rectified? Thx for your assistance!

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3 years ago

Hi diamond08017,

There's a couple of things going on here. First, Notifications for arms and disarms is enabled by default, so unless you disabled it already, it should have been active from the start. But you can configure it in the SimpliSafe app under Settings > Alerts & Notifications. You of course want to disable the "General Activity" category of alerts. You'll also want to disable for both Push Notifications (alerts that go through the app) as well as any SMS or email notifications that you have set up.

The above settings involve the connection between our website/service, and your phone. So you should be able to make those changes without running into that error.

But to fix that error, we'll need to troubleshoot the connection between our service and your Base Station. The fact that you're getting notifications at all means that a connection actually does exist. But it might not be strong enough to allow modifying settings (which involves transmitting more data). Do you know if you still have an older version of the cell module installed in your Base Station? If so, we might need to upgrade you. Our Support team can help at 800-548-9508!

- Johnny M.
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