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Friday, August 28th, 2020 4:17 AM

Email & SMS Alerts

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3 years ago

Hello tinagreg,

The Smart Alerts feature is entirely online, so it wouldn't be related to anything happening with your system hardware. But it sounds like you've already gotten the hardware issue resolved?

As for the SMS contact being "unverified" - this sounds like more of an issue with our system interacting with your carrier. Do you happen to have a different phone carrier to your wife? That would explain why your phone number is affected, but hers is not.

We would suggest, if you haven't already, that you call in again to our Support team at 888-910-1458. We can look into your account and try a few troubleshooting steps and workarounds.

Johnny M.
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Thanks for replying back, I was able to resolve the Smart Alerts by deleting current email address and adding a new email address. The SMS error is still not resolved. Yes my wife has a different carrier (Boost Mobile) to mine (Consumer Cellular) I did not have this issue before replacing my base station. I will call SS Support.

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3 years ago

Johnny M, please stop saying the SMS issue is related to carriers. It is related to SIMPLISAFE. Too many customers across too many carriers are having this problem. I have to "verify" my phone number almost daily.

There are other threads about this.

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