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Friday, February 7th, 2020 8:23 PM

Email associated with camera's does not match email associated to system

I just received and installed my system.
Two days ago when I called Simplisafe customer support, I had not received a confirmation notice to my personal email and I had called a total of three times already.
Customer service sent another confirmation while I was on the phone. After I did not receive a email they asked for another email to send it to thinking there might be some issue. I gave them my work email just to get a confirmation for a system I purchased that is near $1K. Oddly enough I received the confirmation at my original home email address but never received it at work email. Go figure that out.
So, here we are with my issue. My base station is registered under my home email address (great as it should be), but my camera's are registered under my another email address, not even my work email address. It's close with one too many letters, explains why I never received a confirmation at work.
I have called customer support twice about this. 1st- told can't be changed, 2nd time you'll have to change the email address associated with the camera's.
Ok great, HOW THE F DO I DO THAT?! (sorry, aggrevated enough at this point to box it up and get a refund) The app does not explain how, the web site does not either.
Beginning to wonder if all customers are given the run around like this or is just me? There has to be away to fix this because they (Simplisafe) can not see what is going on in my house if it is broken into now, so why am I paying for a monitoring service?

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4 years ago

Hi there,

We definitely understand! Our cameras work a little differently, in that they're bound to a specific account. So to move that camera to the same account, you'll first have to Remove the camera from the other account, then reinstall the camera under the main account.

We've gone ahead and requested a call ticket so that our Support team can walk you through the steps.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security
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