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Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 4:40 PM

Door Bell camera, constant disconnect and no connection

So I was able to have Simpli Safe send me a replacement doorbell camera.  The original kept disconnecting from the internet, for over a year.   Well the replacement is just as bad.  Horrible camera, which constantly loses connection.  SimpliSafe gives the same BS answers, it's my internet, move the router closer, etc.  I have Verizon FIOS with no connection problems to off brand cameras further away outside.  It's always the doorbell camera.  I wish I had gone with Ring, You would think they would update the camera, or software so that the camera works.  The camera is less than 35 feet from the router.  I will never recommend SimpliSafe to anyone,   If I didn't have some much invested in this system.  While customer service is polite, they can never solve the problem, and just read the scripted answers. 

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7 months ago

Hi @Bandit1015 ,

So sorry to hear that your Video Doorbell Pro has been having trouble. If we've already tried two different units, then the issue might be with that particular location.

While troubleshooting, did you already try the Check Connection tool through the SimpliSafe app? That gives us raw data in real time, which is how we can determine if it really is an issue with connection strength.

Of course, there are other factors too that can affect connectivity. For example, if the wall that the doorbell is installed into is made of brick or adobe, the signal could have a fair bit of trouble trying to get through. And there could also be compatibility issues with your WiFi router, bandwidth, etc. 

We recently updated our WiFi Troubleshooting page here with an even more helpful tool for troubleshooting. I would encourage you to give it a try so we can get to the bottom of this issue!

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