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Sunday, January 5th, 2020 4:03 PM

Changing the push notification sounds



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3 years ago

@Daniel75555 it has been requested but so far no action or response from SS. Ding dong would be nice. :-)

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3 years ago

You should be able to change the default notification sound for any (or at least almost any) app on your phone, including the SS app.

I don't have SS doorbell to experiment, but it appears I could even set a unique notification sound for the doorbell button vs. say arm/disarm notices. Just for giggles, I set the general notifications for SimpliSafe to "Knock-Knock". Sent myself a text from my work phone and got the expected "beep". Armed and disarmed SS and got "Knock-Knock" notification for each arm and disarm.

If you want to go even further, you could turn on DND for driving (or whenever) but set the notification to bypass DND for the SS app and/or other important ones.
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