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Sunday, March 29th, 2020 8:38 PM

Camera no longer on app

One of my outdoor cameras, labeled "Driveway" has completely disappeared from my camera dashboard on the app. The camera itself is still physically in place, mounted on the side of my garage and receiving power, but does not at all show on my dashboard. From all that I can tell, it "disappeared" about one month ago. I can simply reinstall the camera on the app. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience this type of issue?

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2 years ago

Did you ever add it back in?

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1 year ago

Did anyone from SimpliSafe ever respond to this? I had the same issue today.

I can certainly re-install the camera, but I should not have to and this should definitely not be happening. If it disconnects, that's one thing, but to totally disappear from the device list is very concerning.


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9 months ago

Yes over and over again! So frustrated.

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I was having problems with my driveway camera - it was logging events, but it wouldn't go live or respond to a connection test.  I took off the front, and after a minute put it back on and it got normal again.  Mine has permanent power plus the battery.

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@joliesstewart​ Are you experiencing this with only one camera, or are other devices gone from your app? It may help to reset your camera by pressing and holding its pairing button for 30 seconds. Once you release the button, you will be prompted to add it back to your system.

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