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Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 6:29 PM

Camera motion detection issues

I have my out door cameras all set to the lowest settings and to detect people only. They are going off constantly with no people in the view. Is there anything that can be done?



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2 years ago

@kristianson  I would call support to troubleshoot as many have experienced this issue, however, I and the othe 4 customers I have checked with have not.  One possible issue could be the height and angle of your installation, or, have you tried using the zone feature to block out/elminate areas in the view of the camera coverage area you are not interested in?

I have one camera located about 8 feet from the ground on the west side of the house facing at an angle down, approximately NW. Another camera is in the back of the East, due east side, again, about 8 feet up and facing NE.

If you get a chance please post your outcome here after your call.

(BTW, no spotlight, use night vision and set to medium, people only)


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2 years ago

Is it doing it every 3 minutes? If do it's what we call the death loop and it gets stuck in a weird loop and the only way to get it out is to pull battery out and replace it and/or delete it from the system and do a heard reset on it by pressing the button on the back for about 20 secs or so then reinstall it to system 

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2 years ago

Is it only happening at night? Turn the spotlight off and see if that works.  Mine does the same thing only when the spotlight is on.  I’m thinking of returning because so many people are experiencing this problem and it’s been a known issue for months now. 

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2 years ago

No it happens during the day also. In fact more often during the day. I updated and seems to be a bit better. 

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5 months ago

I just got a new outdoor camera and it keeps going off also.  Nothing in the picture and set to the lowest setting also.  Will try resetting.  My old camera worked great until it just stopped working.  Sure don't like the replacement camera if it is going to keep going off!

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@granne_1​ It sounds like your camera may be experiencing this know issue where a recording is produced when there is no motion in the frame.

Our engineers have identified the cause of this issue, and they're working on releasing a fix as soon as possible. But in the meantime, they have found that making the following motion detection settings can help minimize the number of recordings it produces:

  • Change your camera’s motion detection setting to All Motion
  • If you have Activity Zones set up, adjust them to also block off the zones around the image that your camera is detecting
  • Turn your camera’s sensitivity down to Medium or Low

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What is the ETA for this known issue that's been pending for over a year? Where is the accountability to sell a camera for a few hundred dollars without mentioning "oh yeah you actually can't use it, just turn the camera on and set it so it doesn't detect any motion at all and you won't receive the error" 

Total BS, will be cancelling our service

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4 months ago

My outdoor camera kept notifying me of movement when there was none. I checked both keypads for updates. There were some to be installed. I installed all updates to both keypads. Also one keypad had to be reconnected to the internet. Problem with outdoor camera appears resolved.


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