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Monday, April 13th, 2020 7:08 PM


App won't work on my iPhone after installing the new module suggested by Simplisafe

SimpliSafe is dedicated to providing our customers with expert-level protection, and this includes ensuring 24/7 access to our professional monitoring centers via a strong cellular connection. For more info on our efforts to address 2G Sunset, including obtaining and installing a new cellular module, check out our Help Center Article here.

I installed the new module Simplisafe suggested because the 2G cellular connection is going away per the Cell Companies. After I received it, installed it and all equipment works fine with the exception of being able to arm/disarm from the app. I called today into Tech Support and got a very rude lady who kept blaming it on my phone and was absolutely no help whatsoever.

I had already done all of the thing suggested by Simplsafe in terms of troubleshooting my equipment, deleting and reinstalling the app, and moving the base station. Nothing. So I called Tech Support whom was not supportive at all.

I explained to the Agent that people were complaining about the app and before I could finish she said "what people?" I told her the ones here on the forums. And she said she didn't know about that. So after trying to talk and her not letting me, I just hung up.

So I still don't have the app working, and it is something I pay/paid for and it seems there is no help from Customer Service. I have had this system for several years now and am very disappointed that the once great help you could receive is pretty much non existent. (I went through a similar issue via emal last year.)

I guess Simplisafe has gotten to big to help it's long time Customers and is more interested in selling equipment than supporting it.

Looks like I'll end up getting a Ring system that is cheaper and about 1/2 the price for monitorig.

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4 years ago

whoareu99:  I've been working with a rep trying to get things to work. She took the time to look at these posts.  She de-activated and re-activated the card.  Everything works except the apps/computer access.  She tried to get hold of her supervisor while I held on...no immediate luck.  They're all working for home.... well in the midst of this post, she called me back, and her supervisor has agreed to just send me a new SS3 system.  Works for me.

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4 years ago

same problem, see post above. I'm thinking there is a problem with the module. Its not accepting communication from the app...however that is done.  The techs we call do not know the system at that level and seem reluctant to push it higher.

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4 years ago

The problem is that SIM in the new module is not fully/properly activated.

They will tell you to try a different location for the base, to try resetting the base by unplugging and removing battery, they will imply it's OK because the test signal works and all that. But, it is the SIM not properly activated.

Went back and forth with SS for a few days on this before it got high enough to someone that knew what to check and how to fix it.
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