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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 8:09 PM

App Unable to function through VPN

So... After the 5.7.0 update, security conscious customers (like us) that use a VPN are out the cost and installation of our cameras because the app no longer functions (Check connection error). Your 5.9.0 provided no resolve. We either have to run an open home network or abandon using our mobile devices.

Desktop app connects through VPNs.

Deleted app on phone, tablet as app is none functional.

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4 months ago

Hi @irewoulfe ,

Thanks for reporting. I'll have to take this to our dev team to investigate further. As far as I'm aware, we don't put restrictions on the app relating to VPNs, so I'll have to dig into this a bit deeper.

Based on the app version numbers, it sounds like you're working with the Android version. But it would be useful to have more info that I could take back. For example, which VPN provider are you using, and is it the same between your desktop and phone? Also, what symptoms are you seeing - error messages, screens, etc?

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I can confirm that the Simplisafe android app no longer works through a VPN, a VPN being a fundamental piece of mobile technology security which is confusing and disappointing.

If you are a security conscious user, at this time Simplisafe does not offer you the ability to use your mobile devices securely on android.

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@budingles​ Echoing Davey, you should be able to access the mobile app with a VPN on your device, but we'll want to bring this to our internal teams if you cannot. If you could tell me which VPN you have on your mobile device, if it's the same VPN you have on your desktop, and which error messages you seen when trying to access the mobile app, I will bring this to our devs.

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Am having issues using Android app 5.12.1:23008 with ExpressVPN.  Just never connects.  Seemed to start a few/several weeks ago.  App works fine via direct cell data.  Will also ask ExpressVPN but fairly sure SS worked fine for many months on EVPN.

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@bbqraterSome VPNs will adjust their ad-blocking algorithms from time to time. Doing so can create an issue with loading the mobile app. Many VPNs let you allowlist domains and apps to prevent this from happening. I would try allowlisting simplisafe.com on your VPN to see if that helps.



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4 months ago

I just tested on my Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13 (August 5 security update) using each of the following VPN services:

Google Fi VPN

Google One VPN

Private Internet Access

Bitdefender VPN

While connected to each VPN I confirmed I could do all of the following from the SimpliSafe app (v 5.12.1):

Livestream a camera

Set alarm to Home

Set alarm to Off

Refresh Settings

View Timeline

I'm not sure if y'all have resolved this issue or not but if I can help troubleshoot or provide additional info to get others up and running, please let me know.

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