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Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 8:12 PM

App triggers Outdoor Cam at night (bug)

I’ve had this issue continue for several months and note that it has been mentioned elsewhere but yet to be taken  seriously and resolved.

I’ve now had to take time to register and post in the hope that the issue is finally addressed. As customers and not employees, we have much more important things to be doing during non-working hours.

I use the IOS app, which together with all my Simplisafe hardware, is regularly updated. Multiple interim app updates have failed to fix the problem.

The issue only appears to occur at night. For some reason, using the app i.e. checking the event timeline, always triggers the camera to record. Most recent example below.

I only have standard night vision enabled (not spotlight as that previously caused continuous recordings!). Motion events, notifications, 1080p quality also enabled.

Please release a fix asap.

p.s my Outdoor Cam is updated to v1.20 but public release page only acknowledges up to v1.18

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2 months ago

Hi @Immz, 

I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing this bug with the mobile app, but please know that we are taking this very seriously. Our engineering team is actively looking into this problem to locate its root cause and roll out a solution as soon as possible. 

You can also learn more about what's included in the Outdoor Camera's 1.20 firmware update over in this post in the Community.

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Thanks, I appreciate your response @emily_s 

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2 months ago

I have a similar issue with the outdoor cameras.  Sensitivity is "Medium", "Motion Type" is "People Only", and "Video Quality" is 720p.  The neighbors cat (less than 10lbs) like to visit both the front and back door, which sets off the camera either during the day or at night.  

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2 months ago

@emily_s this issue needs escalated and fixed asap. Every single night when I check my events it triggers multiple recordings, every time. It’s just ridiculous.

There was a recent iOS app update only the other day that still has not fixed the issue.

3 events below triggered whilst checking. It’s just not acceptable that this isn’t being prioritised.

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