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Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 4:50 PM


App not showing system that's already set up


I am having the same problem--also on iOS 15.2.1.  The problem has nothing to do with trying to login to two accounts at once.  I can login to a second account from the app and can see the basic account information.  However, the app does not see the installed SimpliSafe system.  It opens to this screen:

Welcome to SimpliSafe 

Let's set up your security system now. 

<Set up System Button>

If you press the button it asks you to enter the site name and continue with the initial setup.

The system itself is still working fine.  I confirmed that test signals are being received and the history and configuration all look fine if I login to the account from a desktop browser.  However, the app on the phone doesn't think there is a system installed on this account.

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7 months ago

Is this issue resolved? I still see it on my iphone. iOS 16.3.1. App version 2078.72.0

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Hi @nirhasabnis​ 

Thanks for all the details. Have you tried reinstalling the app on this device? Can you also provide the model of your iPhone, and let me know if the issue persists on other devices within your home?

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