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Thursday, August 5th, 2021 6:37 AM

App Not Responding

I am not getting any notifications on the SS app or texts when I set my key pad to on/off/away modes. The app was working fine earlier in the evening and 4 hours later it is not showing any mode as being set and I cannot make changes through the app. I can still view my cameras through the app. I had this same problem happen earlier in the year and it was a problem on the SS tech end.



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3 years ago

You don't mention which version of SimpliSafe you have or what type of phone you are using.  You can first try to stop the app and clear the cache.  If still no response in the app then it may be that your base is having difficulty connecting.  You can try unplugging the base and removing the batteries, let it sit for a few minutes then replace batteries and plug it back it.  If it still doesn't respond then you will have to contact SS to troubleshoot further.

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3 years ago

Hi sagraves1961,

Sounds like you've already isolated that the problem is somewhere in the connection between the alarm system and our website. You don't mention seeing any errors on the Keypad, so it sounds like what's happening is that either the signals from the Base Station are not making it to our website, or the notifications from our website aren't making it to your phone.

Let's start with troubleshooting the connection to the website first. Do you have a Gen3 system? And if so, do you have your system linked to WiFi?

Gen 2 and Gen 3 systems both connect through cell - and on Gen 3, it should be taking over if WiFi is not available. When was the last time that we replaced your Base Station's cell module? It might be time for us to update your system to a 4G cell connection, if we haven't already. Our Support team can take care of you at 800-548-9508, if that's the case.

- Johnny M.
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