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Friday, September 9th, 2022 8:16 PM

App can't stay logged in, MFA doesn't work outside of US and UK


Same problem here seem to log me out everyday, it is bloody annoying to be honest and render the app almost useless. I use the app daily rather than keypad and every day I have to log back in and sometimes multiple time a day.

I can not activate multi factor authentication as I do not live in Canada, US or UK. I am paying the premium subscription as this is the only way I can monitor my alarm remotely and activate / de-activate it  via the app.

Device: iphone 8, iOS 15.6.1  , simplisafe app Version 2078.41.0

Definitely sounds like a token expiring to me, now happy to set 2fa but can we have support of MFA devices or at least do it by email via a code ?


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2 years ago

Hi @jeanpralosimpisafe ,

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. Yes, unfortunately we're not able to support our systems and services outside of our two markets - the US and the UK. The fact that confirmation messages can't be sent to outside those two zones is part of why.

But I will escalate your case to our specialist team, and they might be able to come up with a solution for you.

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