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Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 2:37 PM

Any Alexa Users on this forum?

I have SS glass break sensors in vulnerable rooms, but I notice that Alexa can now listen for smoke alarms and glass breaking.  I was wondering if anyone has tried to set up an Alexa skill to turn the lights on when it hears an appropriate sound?  Any  suggestions?



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4 years ago

@glenbarrington I have several glass breaks and 5 Alexa devices in the house.  Until Alexa can get my routine questions right, not prepared to use my echos for what you suggest.  BTW, shutting off Sidwalk as soon as it goes live.

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4 years ago

We use several Echo devices. While I've not turned on Alexa Guard, I can't imagine it's much different than setting up any other routine...basically just follow the "wizard" so to speak.

How well it actually works to sense glass break it's hard to say but more layers are probably better than less. Turning on lights and sending you a text or whatever seems fairly harmless to try/see how it plays out.

We have quite a few Hue lights and a couple Harmony hub remote control systems. Use voice to turn on TV, change volume, channels, or turn on individual lights, rooms, or zones, or "all lights" which turns on all hue lights in the house, garage, and even four outdoor floodlights. As well, some Amazon and Wemo remote switches, Alexa...turn on Christmas tree, etc.

Even though I don't typically groove on WiFi security cams, have a few non-SS WiFi cameras connected through. "Alexa...show Back Door" and up comes the camera live feed on the Echo Show.
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