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Monday, June 26th, 2023 6:45 PM

Smart Alarm Camera feat. 24/7 Live Guard Protection available now!

SimpliSafe is delighted to announce that our new Smart Alarm Indoor Camera, which adds support for 24/7 live guard protection, is now available to all customers!



The Smart Alarm Indoor Camera is a battery-powered camera that can last up to 3 months on a single charge. It’s designed with an 80dB built-in siren, 2-way audio communication, and a 125-degree wide field of view. It also has a built-in motion detector that’s sophisticated enough to differentiate between a pet and a potential intruder. 


24/7 live guard protection is enabled by the  Smart Alarm Indoor Camera which can help stop crime in real time, by allowing  professional monitoring agents to not only see, but speak to and deter intruders during an alarm event. Monitoring agents can also use this video evidence to request priority dispatch for faster police response.*


Head over to our shop to get yours today.


*Compared to non-verified SimpliSafe alarms. Fast Protect™ (formerly Interactive) monitoring plan is required. 

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3 months ago

Is local storage an option?



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Disappointingly, it is not.

Does the "Smart Alarm Indoor camera" have the capability to rotate the image 180 degrees the same as outdoor cameras?  Plesae provide pathway..

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@roybreedloveaf​ The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera's view cannot be rotated 180 degrees. We do not recommend mounting the camera upside down or on the ceiling as it significantly impacts motion detection performance. Given the camera’s ability to trigger an alarm, placement of the camera should be such that motion occurs across the field of view (left/right), not pointed directly at doors, or out through windows to ensure maximum protection. The camera’s multi-pivot mount allows multiple positioning options that easily allows you to capture the best vantage point for your space.

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22 days ago

Very dissatisfied so far with these. Ordered two and worked well for a couple days and then lost Wi-Fi connection. 3 older Simplicams stayed connected to same network no issue. Followed the reset options on the website and it got even worse. Did the “Soft Reset” where it instructs you to remove them from the app and then hold the setup button, once I did this they wouldn’t entered into setup mode at all and couldn’t even be added back as a device.

Tried the worthless Live Chat and they kept asking the same question that was completed unrelated to the issue I was having. Finally called support and 5 minutes later they are sending replacements. Hopefully I have better luck with the next two.

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@Jerrand​ If you begin to experience this issue with your replacement cameras, please let us in the Community know! We'll be happy to assist you.

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Make sure your base station is fully updated before installing these cameras I have run to this issue before after installing new firmware update I had no issues with the camera until 9-13-2023 now having issues with streaming full video

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13 days ago

After receiving this alarm camera I have no issues 4mo until now after Base station firmware update 9/13/2023 I can see live stream and stream short clips but when you open it to view full view of the clip I get this following message this is been ongoing for 2 weeks and has not resolved  itself see attached images 

And they are still software issues with the base station even after this firmware update as of 9-13-2023

Etc door contact staying in open position on three different doors that are closed .

by the base station and online application had to take apart the base station to resolve this issue you need to take out the batteries and unplug the system from the wall reinstall everything and the sensor started working correctly.

Although the alarm cameras are still experiencing the same issue. if anybody can put some insight into this and please put some checks and balances and real world testing out before you roll out firmware updates to your customers as an alarm and security company you may need to take this very seriously because it can be the meaning of somebody getting hurt if the sensors and cameras are not working as intended.

Thank you for your time in this matter


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