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Thursday, September 17th, 2020 8:47 PM

Warning entry sensor open error

Anyone got any tips to stop this.

I've moved my base station multiple times over the months and in the past 1 month its nothing but issues.

Entry sensor warning over and over on different sensors. It's not the location of the base station I have determined that.

Every time all I do is open the entry point close it and it self fixes it but its absolutely no use when I'm not at home.

Getting seriously hacked off with it now

Entry Sensor Open means that your Entry Sensor is currently unable to detect its magnet. If you are sure that your door or window is not open, and the message persists, there may be an issue with how the sensor is set up. Please visit our Help Center here for troubleshooting.



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3 years ago

Dandy, have you been putting them in test mode?  And getting a call or text from monitoring after each?  These tell you that monitoring has received your signals (you can also check your online dashboard under Timeline of Events to see if your signals are getting received).  You NEED to know those sensors are getting signals sent, regardless if they are acting wonky right now - beyond that, I'd still call SS and tell them what's going on and all that you've done to try to get them working properly.

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3 years ago

colt I complained about it to SS - when I open it (when non responsive) it immediately responds... and alarm immediately sounds.  so its working but triggering error when no error.  I got them to send me replacement battery.

Got new battery - been fine since (so far im 10 days in).

If it happens again (hopefully it won't) I will swap it with another sensor in another room...

If it goes wrong again in the other room I will know its the sensor.  

can't be location as there is another entry sensor, motion sensor and glass break sensor further on from it but hopefully its just the battery.

was sent energiser lithium battery



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3 years ago

I hope it doesn't happen again, as it sounds like it's quite the mystery.  And yes, if gives the same error when placed in a different room, chances are it's a faulty sensor.  

I can tell you also that if you place a sensor on a window and then close window blinds over it, you might get some errors ("sensor not responding").  I have heavy wood blinds on some of the windows, so I'm guessing it sort of blocked the signal.  Weird though, because all I had to do to stop the error was re-seat the battery, or, in another instance, take the sensor off it's bracket on the window, then put it back on.  Who the heck knows, they just seem to be touchy once in awhile. (in your case, however, sounds more serious than that, so keep an eye on them and make sure you're testing them on occasion and getting signals).

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2 years ago

I think there is more than one thing going on here...

Entry Sensor Not Responding: I was seeing this on several entry sensors that were farthest from the base station.  It was happening daily or so and I would reseat the batteries to temporarily resolve it.  Finally, I moved the base station to a more central location in the house, and voila, issue resolved.

Entry Sensor Open: This one is still unresolved for me.  What I don't see mentioned in this thread is that (at least for me) the app shows all 18 of my entry sensors as being closed - with the beautiful green checkmark.  But when I set the alarm, the base station says "Entry Sensor Open".  The keypad tells me which sensor it is but the app says it's closed.  So...what the heck.

Any additional input is regarding the discrepancy between the app and keypad is welcome and appreciated.

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2 years ago

Hi @microprint314,

Have you made sure that the Device Settings page that you are looking at has retrieved the updated statuses of your sensors from the Base Station? Most likely the app is showing prior states of those sensors while the Keypad will always show up-to-date information.

To make sure that the app is showing the latest information, once you have navigated to the Device Settings page, you tap on the refresh icon in the upper right-hand corner.

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5 months ago

Just adding same issue here.  Mine seems so far to be random sensors.  I get the light cues correctly and they are mounted no more than 1/2" from the magnet, but it just doesn't seem to register with the base station. Then once it doesn't register, it never seems to poll for status again.  You would think hitting the refresh button would force that.  That's a big problem.

Sometimes it actually seems more serious than that though.  Occasionally, nothing short of removing then reinstalling the device seems to get it to register again as closed.  

Kinf of a fatal flaw for an alarm system.

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